Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I'm the Mom...

So inspired by this post over at Baby Center that I decided to write my own honest reflection as the mom.

I'm the mom who works full-time outside the home. I'm the mom that has (after almost three years and lots of therapy) accepted my working mom status. I'm the mom that has made my choice to work. I'm the mom that likes my job. I'm the mom that can admit that I would not enjoy being a stay at home mom at this time in my life.

I'm the mom that is bad at making dinner and is okay with eating egg omelets, cereal or pancakes for dinner. I'm the mom that steams broccoli pretty frequently just to feel good about my child eating her greens. I'm the mom that sometimes forgets to bring a snack for my kid when we are out and about. I'm the mom who would no sooner forget my child's milk cup when out and about.

I'm the mom who cares about what her child wears. I'm the mom who's trying not to care so much about what her kid wears. I'm the mom who hates the Disney sparkle light-up sneakers that her child wants to wear every day. I'm the mom who shakes her head when her daughter jumps up and down and makes said sneakers light up with such excitement.

I'm the mom who doesn't read a book to her child before bed. I'm the mom who prays with her child before bed. I'm the mom who snuggles with her child before bed over an episode of Baby Einstein or the Fresh Beat Band. I'm the mom who helps her child brush her teeth before bed, but also lets her bring her milk up to bed with her for a few last sips before putting her in her crib. I'm the mom who still rocks her almost three year old to bed in the glider. I'm the mom who loves putting her child to be, but also loves when it's Daddy's turn.

I'm the mom who lets her daughter play in the car and blast the radio. I'm the mom whose kid likes Bruno Mars songs.

I'm the mom whose child has not seen Frozen.

I'm the mom who makes her daughter change into "play" shoes and a "play" coat when playing in the backyard. I'm the mom who yells out the back door, "Don't get dirty" — and then feels silly that she  said that. I'm the mom whose kid plays in the chicken coop, brings mommy the eggs the chickens laid, and most likely had chicken poop on her shoes.

I'm the mom who pushes her girl on the swing. I'm also the mom who lets her kid play alone on the swing set while watching her from the deck, glass of wine in hand.

I'm the mom who likes kisses on the lips. I'm the mom who takes time for a few extra hugs and snuggles in the morning. I'm the mom who is late to work because of this. 

I'm the mom who struggles to balance life, love and career every.single.day. I'm the mom who argues with her husband in front of her child. I'm the mom who feels badly for doing so. I'm the mom who continues to invest energy into my marriage every day in the name of love.

I'm the mom who is enjoying life with one child for now. 

I'm the mom who lets her kid play with her I phone, and acknowledges that she sends texts to people and to groups of people and takes selfies. P.S. I'm the mom whose kid knows what a selfie is!

I love you, Molly! I love being your Mom.

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Melissa @ i carry your heart said...

i love this! I think we are moms are always looking for validation in our own choices, so it's nice to see other moms being so honest about motherhood :)