Monday, March 24, 2014

Around the Home: a new bedroom for Molly

We decided to move Molly's bedroom upstairs next to the master. For a while now we'd all been sleeping on the first floor — Molly in her nursery, and me and my husband in the guest room. Not ideal, but it worked for us for a long time and kept us all near each other, which was what I wanted. (Plus our only bathroom is on the first floor, too.) Our second floor has one large bedroom with lots of space for storage, a small office area and a walk-in closet. I had been wanting to down-size my closet and clear out and simplify my wardrobe, and it seemed like the right time to make the transition. I seriously had clothes and shoes in my closet that I haven't worn in years! It was time.

I decided to forgo my amazing walk-in and create a bedroom for my daughter. Some call it crazy, I think why didn't I do it sooner! Here are the before pics...

Lots of clothes, shoes, some jewelry and accessories, and lots of disorganization! Yes, it was a large space that served the purpose with two dressers, which I'll miss having hidden away, and shelves.

After a few weeks of relocating my closet, sanding, building and painting, here is what we have now...

A lovely little space fit for a lovely little girl. 

Molly's crib eventually can turn into a toddler bed, but being that she doesn't give us a problem or try to climb out, it still works for us. We added molding and a window sill around the two windows, as well as faux wood blinds from Lowe's. This room was already equipped with lighting and electric, plus had a vent for a/c and heat. We painted the walls "Spring Lilac" and the moldings and doors a fresh coat of glossy white. We brought up her rocker chair too, since she still rocks for a few minutes before bed.  Thanks to Michael's Aunt Rae for recovering it in a bright pink polka dot fabric that I purchased at Jo-Ann. We bought the chair from a seller on Craigslist years ago, and while the chair and ottoman are great, the cushions were getting icky. The rug is from Target.

Here is a shot of her dresser, which we purchased right before she was born from Craigslist as well. (I loved the height and the crystal knobs. It also has a mirror that is currently not attached.) We're still playing around with decor, but right now we've got the essential sound machine, monitor and a few framed photos. The lamp and shade were a recent purchase from the Pottery Barn Kids outlet for $9.97!

The side-by-side: 

We love it! And so does Molly! 

Do you have any DIY projects going on?

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Danielle said...

Such a sweet room! x

Ellie Gibson said...

Great idea! It turned out super cute!