Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Three Gifts

Today Moms shared this article about parents that give three gifts to their children at Christmas time. I love this idea! I have never been a fan of the side of Christmas that is materialistic, expensive, stressful and commercial . (I'm pretty sure all those are on the same side, right?)

Growing up my sister and I were very fortunate. My father worked hard. We would wake up on Christmas morning to a living room filled with presents — everything on our list and more. We surely didn't mind. My husband grew up in a family that faced more financial struggles and Christmas was a time of year they all looked forward to. The gifts, the food, the music, the family — it was all plentiful. But as I think about how much things have changed since I was a child, I think about how much I want to live my life today with my own family and how I want my daughter to view Christmas. I want it to be more for her than just presents under a tree.

I get it, the thrill and the excitement that is Christmas for children is magical. It is a beautiful time of year. I am actually looking forward to seeing my daughter's reaction to her presents under the tree this year, since it is the first year that she gets it. {There are more than three.} I know my daughter will never go without. I know my husband and I both work hard to provide the best for her. I know that she will have presents at Christmas. I know she will have toys and books and clothes. I know that she will have a Christmas tree. I know that she will be grateful, like I was. But I still want more. More for my child — spiritually and emotionally. Not just the physical act of opening up a gift and then putting it aside for another one, until she has opened up all the gifts and is exhausted. I want her to understand the true magic of Christmas, the birth of Jesus. I want her to sing Jingle Bells and O Holy Night. I want her to know that there will always be children who are less fortunate than she is. I never want her to take anything for granted. I want her to be thankful and appreciative.

I'm sure most parents want the same thing for their children. So, why only three gifts? Gold - a gift that can be treasured. Frankincense - a gift that can be used in spiritual life or worship. Myrrh - a gift that is for the body, like clothing or a pair of shoes. Sounds perfect. I would add a fourth for my family, if I may. I would add a gift that the child can pick out and donate to another child, perhaps the same age. I feel very lucky in my life and this has lead me to be giving. I give to others in a variety of ways and this is something I hope to instill in my daughter as she grows.

Do any of you mothers/fathers support this idea? Do you believe in spoiling your kids at Christmas? When is enough enough? When is enough too much?

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Kathleen said...

Love this!!! I never heard of the three gifts that way and it is beautiful.

Molly will always be grateful for the love you have shared with her not just at Christmas, but all year too.