Sunday, November 17, 2013

I thankful

November is here and that brings some of my favorite things...

Thanksgiving. Crisp fall days and nights. Hot apple cider. 

Kelle Hampton posted this great article about seven ways to say thank you to special people. I love this! Writing a handwritten note. Why oh why do we forget how special that can make someone feel? Grab a pen and do it! I will.

Let us not forget how the little things make such a big difference this holiday season. I vow to take time for the little things. Here are some of the little things I will do to enjoy as I prepare to celebrate and give thanks....

I will...trace my daughter's hand and help her create a "turkey" for Thanksgiving.

I will...plug in my crock pot and brew apple cider for hours— 
complete with mulling spices and whipped cream and caramel. Yum! 

I will...not shop on Thanksgiving Day, despite some stores opening up much earlier than they have in past years. I will keep Thanksgiving Day for giving thanks, not for shopping for the next holiday. 

I will...spend my Thanksgiving evening watching Christmas movies {my favorites are The Holiday, the Family Stone and National Lampoon's Christmas} with my family.

I will...not stress that Thanksgiving is a week later, then sprint to decorate my house in time for Christmas.
Instead, I will embrace the season and decorate when I feel in the mood.

I will decorate with my villages this year, with fresh white snow (cotton) because I love the look of it. 

I will clean out my cabinets and donate food to those in need.

I will give my time, energy, strength, money, love and patience according to what I want, for God loves a person who gives cheerfully.

What will you do? 


Natalie said...

These are great! Thanks for sharing!

Ashley said...

I will join you in watching those Christmas movies with family. You guys should sleep over mom's on Thanksgiving night!!! SLumber party lol

I will enjoy every minute of putting up my tree. I want to get it on Dad's birthday.

I will find a craft to do with Molly during the Christmas season too!

Love you sissy xoxoxo

simply bev said...

Very nice list! We'll watch our first Christmas movies on the day after Thanksgiving while making our first batch of Christmas cookies. Favorite movies that day will be ELF and Muppet Christmas Carol!