Friday, May 10, 2013

Being a Mom - two years in

I have been Molly's mommy for almost two years, not including when I baked her in my belly for nine months. If I had to describe being her mother in a word, I would say amazing!

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When I found out I was pregnant I was shocked. People will say, come on, how shocked can you be, but I really was. Anyway, once I got over the shock — and that took a little bit of time, I was filled with an overwhelming amount of happiness, excitement, and thrill to become a Mom. 
Michael and I always wanted a family, and so in our minds, it was a perfect time.

We waited to find out if our sweet little baby was a boy or a girl. Michael wanted a girl — daddy's little girl. I thought I was having a boy all along.
Regardless we couldn't contain our excitement as we planned for a little baby.

 Our first family photo - my favorite!

Molly has been a apart of our lives for almost two years. On May 22 she will turn two.  I cannot imagine life without her. I think about her every minute of every day — whether I am with her or not.
She lights up our life with her smile, her beautiful blue eyes and the funny things she says. She says everything!

Molly likes waffles too!

She loves being outdoors and helping Daddy with the chickens and the ducks. She loves her bunny. She loves her doggy. Molly loves being pushed in her swing. She likes to color and likes books. She likes to drink seltzer and eat blueberries.

Her favorite thing to watch on TV is the Fresh Beat Band.  She calls it "la la", since they sing that song.

Molly likes going to school. She has "friends" that she talks about after she comes home from school, Ian and Georgia and Logan and Liam.
She likes broccoli! She likes collecting eggs from Daddy's coop!

When I started to write this post I thought it would be more about me and how I've adjusted to motherhood the past two years. It became a post about my amazing daughter and all the things she loves. That's cool!
When I changed my blog to be more of a personal journey blog I wanted it to be me and my feelings — whatever they may be when I sit down and type.

Being Molly's Mommy is the most awesome job I the world!  I never expected to love motherhood as much as I do.  Every day is challenging, new, fresh and rewarding.

 Three generations + big hugs

Molly hugs are my favorite — and so are Molly kisses.
Snuggles are pretty awesome too.

I am a lucky lady!
I hope you feel as loved and as lucky as I do this Mother's Day. 

If you are looking for a good read this weekend check out Moms, Kristin van Ogtrop and  
Joanna Goddard.

Happy Mother's Day.

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Natalie said...

I love these photos of you pregnant! Molly is such a cutie! Happy Mother's Day!