Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Staying true to my goal this month {be creative}, I am going to create something that I've wanted to for a long time — a gift wrapping center. Every time I have to give a gift, which is pretty often these days given Birthdays and babies are a pretty common theme in my life, I first go up to the attic and search for the huge bag of gift bags I've saved from other gifts I received {ain't nothing wrong with recycling gift bags}. Then I go downstairs to a drawer in our guest room and search for tissue paper. Then I go back upstairs to the place I store my crafting stuff and look for ribbon or a bow or something to pretty it up. Never mind if I have to actually wrap it with wrapping paper... that's a{whole}nother story, since I keep the scotch tape in a drawer in my kitchen, next to my {really small} pink scissors. My sister actually made fun of my small pink scissors and asked if I got them in the kids section! Crazy I tell ya!

So, I have this really awesome vintage dry sink. I love the piece. We got it at a yard sale in Mattituck. When I saw it, I had no idea where I would even put it in our house, but I knew it had to come home with me! After a trip to the ATM and a phone call to my father in law to ask if he could meet us and put it in his bigger car, it was ours! It's been all over — our enclosed front porch, our office, our guest room, our living room. And now that I have an idea of how I want to use the piece and give it purpose, it will most likely be moved again!

Here she is, two years ago very simply decorated for Christmas.

I owe my inspiration for this project to Lindsey at the Pleated Poppy who published this post. Thank you!


Natalie said...

That's such a cool idea...you can wrap my presents anytime!

Anonymous said...
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