Saturday, December 15, 2012

10 things my mother taught me

I love Real Simple magazine. I've mentioned it before on many occasions on my blog. See here and here. I've quoted the magazine on my blog. I've even written ideas that have been inspired by something I've read in the magazine. I just received the January issue in the mail and one of the feature stories is about 10 things your mother never taught you. It made me think of something that I've wanted to write about on this blog for a while now  — my Mom's house.

Me and Mom at my baby shower

Right after the hurricane, after having power during the entire storm, we lost power. LIPA came and turned it off because our neighbor's two large pine trees had fallen on the power line and they deemed it dangerous. They claimed they'd be back to turn it on as soon as the town cleared the tree off the power line. They did.

Anyway, they turned off our power on the coldest night. My husband, being the overly anxious man that he is, suggested we pack up and go stay at my Mom's for the night. Ok, could be fun. What is not fun is packing up a family (toddler and dog included) in the dark. After quickly throwing some stuff into bags we headed out to my Mom's. She had it cozy warm and all ready for us with new sheets and blankets on the bed, a clean pair of pajamas for me, hot water for a shower, soup waiting for us and Nickelodeon Jr. on the tv for Molly when we arrived. Candles were lit. A warm fire was crackling. She also has the best bathroom cabinet filled with great cosmetics and products. My favorite hand and foot lotion, eye cream, serum, night cream, Dove body wash, just to name a few.

There is no place like Mom's house.

It was so cozy and comfortable. It's home. The place I lived for 26 years. The place we all come back to for Thanksgiving. The place that has the best smelling candles and always has Ginger Ale. Mom's home has the best Christmas decor, inside and out. Beautiful wreaths. Pretty ornaments. Mom's home has the most comfortable couch I've ever sunk into. Perfect for a nap anytime!

Mom and Molly. See pretty wreath!

So this month in Real Simple, getting back to the title of my post, one of the feature stories was entitled 10 things your mother never taught you. Here are ten things my mother did teach me...

1. Clean your house before you decorate it.

2. Never leave the knife in the Entenmann's box after you cut a clice of cake.

3. If you smell something foul in your house, put out a small bowl of white vinegar. Should take care of it.

4. Use Oxyclean.

5. Details matter.

6. Send birthday cards. And thank you cards. And St. Patrick's Day cards.

7. If you know there is going to be a storm, get gas in your car.

8. On that note, when they are calling for snow, back your car in the driveway. Easier to pull out the next day with snow on the ground.

9. Waste not want not.

10. If you have a tummy ache drink a glass of warm water.

I could go on and on with advice from Mom through the years. These are just a few that came to mind as I was typing this post. I'm lucky to have my Mom. She has taught me how to be a Mom. I only hope I can be as good a Mom as she is.

Three generations


Erin (Out on a Limb) said...

What a lovely tribute to your mother and a beautiful picture at the end.

Theresa Thorp said...

This is so beautiful Paige. You and Ashley are so lucky to have a mom like her. Now Molly is also blessed to have her for a Nanny. She is the greatest friend ever and I consider her family because she means so much to me. All those wonderful things she taught you will come in handy in years to come and someday, Molly will be writing about all the same tidbits. xoxoxo

Ashley said...

We have the best mom and you will be as great of a mom to Molly, sis!!!