Sunday, February 12, 2012

I am...

Prior to being a Mommy, I thought I'd be the Mom who had it all together. What did that mean...

The Mom with her nails done.
The Mom with a fresh, pretty face every day - make-up on, hair done.
The Mom who has a great relationship with her hubby and holds hands, takes time for date nights and rarely fights.
The Mom who keeps in touch with her girlfriends and goes out for girls nights every once in a while.
The Mom who cooks dinner during the week.
The Mom who can balance her work life and do really good things professionally.
The Mom who has a clean, tidy home.
The Mom who doesn't realize she is running out of diapers on the last one.
The Mom whose baby sleeps all night (in her own crib) and wakes up fresh and happy, after I've taken a shower and have gotten ready for the day.
The Mom who keeps up with the laundry.
The Mom who wakes up a little earlier to get some things accomplished before her baby girl wakes up for a new day.
The Mom who has a chance to read her Real Simple magazine with a glass of white wine.

What the hell was I thinking?

That shit was so unrealistic! Really. They don't give you a manual that says, "ok here is what it is going to be like every day and here is how you can prepare and do well at this whole motherhood thing." Nope, that manual doesn't exist. Every day is unpredictable. Hell, every night is unpredictable.

When I went back to work my baby was sleeping through the night (in her own crib) and didn't wake up in the morning until after I was already showered and half-way ready. Once I even woke her up before I left for work because I wanted to see her and snuggle her before I left for a 9+ hour work day. I used to even be dressed when my babysitter came every morning. That went out the window, some time a while ago, actually.

I love this shot of Molly on the go - she's fast!

So, really what is the point of this post?

Well, I'm defining myself as a Mommy and that will take me some time. It's funny because so many people (in the blog world) give themselves a title, "Mommy Blogger". Is that me? I'm not so sure. I am a Mommy. I am a blogger. I am so much more. Do I even want a title?

Sometimes I get my nails done - and it is a treat!

I wear minimal make-up every day and I like it that way.

My relationship with my hubby has changed as we have both taken on the new role as parents. We're working on it. Our love is not simple, but I would never want it to be.

I go out with the girls every so often, even though I'd like to be home with my baby girl. I've listened to the advice. It's important to get out and have some "me" time.

I still hate cooking. I am trying to be better about thinking about weekly meals, but I'm failing here too. It is important to my husband and so it needs to be important to me. I'll take slow improvement over no improvement.

All I can say about balancing my work life is, being a working Mom is hard. I've accepted the challenge.

My house is our home. We love it. We look forward to coming home to it, even with some Irish lace in the corner, dog hair on the rug, leftover baby food on the countertop and laundry over there.

Molly has everything she needs. She will never go hungry or cold or without a clean diaper on her cute little bum.

The fact is, I like when my baby sleeps in my bed. Do I sleep? No, not really. I'm too worried about her. I know she is better off sleeping in her own bed. I do. Waking up next to her with her little breath on my face is pure Heaven though.

Laundry - bleh. Screw you laundry!

I just cannot wake up earlier. I'm tired. Maybe one day a week could be a goal...? We'll see.

The Real Simple magazine gets read (maybe not in one sitting) before the new edition comes for the next month. These days I'd rather sip tea than wine. Girl still loves a nice, cold glass of white every now and then.

So that's where I'm at. I'm still growing into my new role - Mommy. This, I know, is going to be the best adventure of my life. Glad your along for the ride.


Happiness Is... said...

I hate cooking and laundry, too - this mom business is HARD!

Natalie said...

Ha ha yep mommyhood will change everything you think about it! Those kids have a mind of their own so you end doing what's best for your child...which might not have been in our original handbooks :) Love this post!

Erin (Out on a Limb) said...

My kids are almost 4 and almost 6 and I'm still growing into this role, too. When I worked, I struggled with balance. Now that I've been home for almost 4 years, I struggle with balance. I guess it's the nature of the beast. As hectic and imbalanced as it all can seem, the real (and messy) life is all I know and I think that's ok. If you find any secret tips to magical laundry or dinner making, let me know ; ) Great post.

jen @ homeinthecountry said...

Thank you thank you thank you for writing this!! I feel the same way about everything, and sometimes it feels like life is kicking my butt! So glad I'm not alone here!