Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Midweek Confessions

It's Wednesday again, and it's time to confess all the craziness that runs through your head that you {may, or may not} tell anyone else, except the loyal readers of your blog, and then you feel really great to put it out there and link up with some other cool bloggers here, on the E Myself and I blog!

SO without any further ado, I confess...

...that I really love reading the confessions of the other blog mommies that link up with E.

...that I laugh out loud at some of them because they are SO true!

...I got this really super cool video camera for Christmas and I tape Molly every day (just for a few seconds, sometimes even a minute) and I have yet to upload about 20-something videos. Yes, they are short! Yes they are so fun. Yes, I will get to it - soon!

..On that note, I really need to back up some of my photos. Cause if I lose any of them (knocking on wood as I type) I will cry!

...I have to work on Sunday and I'm not thrilled about it!

...If we went through this entire winter with no snow, I'd be fine with that. I love living in New York and experiencing the seasons, but to me experiencing winter on Long Island is wearing a heavy, bulky, warm coat with gloves and a hat and scarf, and starting your car early in the morning to warm it up. Yup, I'd be ok with doing all that and not seeing any snow.

...I fell asleep on the couch with my baby girl last night at about 8:20pm. Loved it too!

...I really wanted to get a haircut before Thursday. See, we are taking professional head shots at work on Thursday morning, so I would love my hair to be super shiny and be sporting a great new cut. Bottom line, it's just not going to happen.

This next one is BIG.

...after I had a baby, I was so lucky to stay home over the summer and extend my maternity leave to a four-month leave. Unfortunately it was unpaid, but we won't go there. Anyway after I had a baby I started wearing less makeup, keeping it very minimal. And I really love it! I am comfortable with the amount of makeup {or lack of} I apply these days. I do love a great lip gloss and cannot walk out of the house without curling my eye lashes and applying mascara. Now that we got that straight,  I feel the need to practice my make-up before my photo shoot at work tomorrow. Is that a little crazy? Yeah, I thought so too!

Have a great week!


Kathleen said...

Go you! I wish I could do the no makeup thing.

As much as I love snow, I am loving this snow free winter. Much more relaxed. Could use a snow day for sure, but no complaints either!

erin. said...

LOVE reading your confessions each week! You are going to look beautiful with or without the makeup. And I think that the idea of taping Molly each day is brilliant. What a joy it must be to watch her grow! Sorry you have to work this weekend! :(
ENJOY the rest of your week!

jane said...

I love the mid-week confessions! I can so relate :) And same here with the make-up. Less isn't bad, less can be such a beautiful look. (plus doesn't hurt that it's easier).