Sunday, January 2, 2011

blog experimenting

I am experimenting with new blog designs.

Not sure I'm loving this one. I like it though. I want to me it more reflective of me. I'll be playing around with photos, colors, and backgrounds for a little bit until I find something that suits me.

What about you... have you made any changes to your blog recently?


Tamara said...

How funny...I'm going through the exact same thing. I'm working with a designer because i couldn't get a look i wanted through what was offered...or more like i couldn't figure out how to get the look i want!! I'm new to blogging so in addition to just the look of it, i've got a lot to learn! I actually like the color combo you've got going on here. And...kettle-cooked chips are one of my favorites too! Happy New Year!

Paige said...

Thanks Tamara! Your blog looks great too! I'm loving your colors and design. Good luck with the updates...I'll check back.

{april kennedy} said...

Oh, I'm itching to do a little re-design. I like what you have going here. I love the background. I'd just change your header to a lighter mustard yellow color to complement the blue better.

Paige said...

That is a great idea, April! I'm on it! Thanks for your comments and for visiting my blog!