Sunday, November 28, 2010

simple Sunday

Well, the long Thanksgiving weekend is just about over. (Cue the "Sunday-night-blues" face!) It really was a great weekend, so no complaining here. After celebrating Thanksgiving, we drove out to Mattituck to chop down our Christmas tree at Shamrock's Christmas Tree Farm. We've been doing this for the last four years and it is really so much fun! Now our nephews really get into it too! The weekend continued with some lovely family time, brunch with good friends and decorating the outside of our house today, followed by a great dinner, pasta, meat sauce and meat balls. Yummy!

As I unwind and prepare for the week ahead this post inspiration comes from the December 2010 issue of Real Simple magazine...

What is your most unique holiday tradition?
Dancing! At Christmas my family always danced around the Christmas tree. In fact, I have a great old photo of my Dad and my Nanny (now both in Heaven) dancing around our Christmas tree in the 1980s. It is great fun!

The reader of the month is this issue shared a few other details about herself, and so I will too!

What would you do if you won the lottery?
Build an addition on our house with a fantastic dining room for entertaining equipped with a large farm table and add a bathroom with a vintage claw foot tub, finish our basement, beautify the back yard with a pond and a new fence, pay off my student loan debt, pay off my Sister's student loan debt, build my Mom the kitchen of her dreams. I'd also make a donation to a charity dear to my heart, maybe the American Heart Association or to Liver Cancer Awareness.

If you could change places with anyone, who would it be?

I wouldn't. There are obviously things I envy about others, but I really love the life I live and feel very lucky.

Have a great week!


Kathleen said...

Aren't simple Sundays just great? Thanks for sharing some of your favorite memories and the new ones you made this weekend.

v said...

Great post! I love simple Sundays, too.

Ashley said...

Sissy you're awesome!!! You are the most thoughtful person ever! And btw can you scan the pic of daddy and nanny?? It's a great one! I have a scanner if you need it!!